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Growth Of Soul
What is Soul Growth?

It is overall awareness, meaning the more Soul Growth you have the more aware you are. I would also define Soul Growth in an identification purpose as a harmony between the body and the Soul. Meaning the body actually acts as a transmitter for information, ideas, and energies to be drawn in and absorbed from this third dimension and transmitted to the Soul, which eventually reaches the higher mind. So in my opinion the more Soul Growth you have, the more of a heightened awareness level you have, and the better your body becomes as a transmitter of this information that we have and identify as awareness from this dimension to the Soul.

You are the ones who I feel are of a higher level of awareness. I have designated seven levels of awareness here in the Physical Plane:

People with Level One Consciousness

It Would be so closed minded and dogmatized by society they might not even believe in anything. They might even be totally atheistic, they could walk around almost like drones, where there is nothing in life that is important to them, except possibly the money they make, the food they eat, the sex they get, or the security they have. I call them Level One Conscious.

Level Two Consciousness People,

It will be those normal everyday people that might have a curiosity for metaphysics or Astrology, like people who read the Sun sign stuff in the newspaper. Many people in level one and two will be affected by the social structure of America, where the promiscuous sexuality is accepted possibly, and drugs or alcohol could be a problem. But the beer drinkers, the wine coolers and cigarette smokers would be trapped in levels one and two.

I have hope for level two people because they are a tad open-minded. They might hear about Astrology and say "Ahhh, you don't believe that stuff" but they still read their Sun sign every day in the paper. Most level two people are very religious, they might even call themselves "born again," but there are many very dogmatic people trapped in level two.

Level Three Consciousness People,

These people are lots more open-minded, could still be addicted to drugs, alcohol, or some kind of addiction like sugar or meat, but level three people are open-minded enough to at least check into psychic and spiritual awareness, pick up some reading, occasionally listen to the Astrology Hour, send for an Astro-Scope, or get their chart done somewhere and possibly a reading of it. So level three people are on a stage where they are ready to rebirth to level four.

Level Four Consciousness People

It is where we are really talking awareness now. There still might be those few still hooked on alcohol or cigarettes here, but not nearly as much, they are working on that. These people are spiritual, they believe in God, are open-minded, they understand and respect Astrology, at this point they have their Rising, Sun and Moon mesmerized (maybe all the planets in their chart) they meditate and recognize God and their Spirit as a top priority. Level three people are still searching and they are not sure what they are searching for.

Level four people are actually on the road to being teachers or being counselors, and some of them already are. Perhaps even apprentice Astrologers. Many people on level four would be either Vegetarian or Lacto-Vegetarian. These people are very intuitive and very psychic, very powerful, very much into the intuitive mind and the eternal self, reincarnating philosophy's and such.

Level Five People

They are teachers already, fully trained, and they help us, they are very humble and selfless in their approach to life. Although being human, they are still subject to setbacks, but they are meditative teachers, Astrology teachers, spiritual and psychic awareness teachers at this level five. They are beyond just being psychic and intuitive, they actually have visions and episodes (where they might be involved in exorcisms, ghost hunting, seances, channels for spiritual entities) as mediums. They know their Guides and are in touch with them. They are on a road to becoming Masters and teachers which is the level five. Above this level all are total vegetarians.

Level Six People

There are starting to approach a Master state. There are just not that many people at this level. If a person is at level six, they will never admit to it. So don't ever brag about being a level six person (this in itself demotes you to a possible level four or five). These people on level six are totally in touch with their oneness with God, and their oneness with all people. They can feel other people, sometimes they can feel all people.

They are telepathic, they could be into telekinesis. They may be into levitation, the miracle they have would compare to Biblical type miracles for level six people. Many of our masters who lived on our planet would fit into level six. Not only are they vegetarians, but sometimes they just exist on water for long periods. Food is not that big of an issue for them. They are able to absorb prana and the life force from the very air to sustain themselves. These are incredible people who are totally selfless, totally innocent, totally humble and void of obsession. They may even be celibate because they might not recognize sex as a necessity.

If you rise to Level Seven,

This is the closest thing we can have to being a Spirit guide on this planet. This is like a Christ-like state, a messianic state where you not only feel one with God and with all the people on this planet, but you are one with the Universe and you are in communion with the Spirit of God, the force of God and talk about being a healer here. The healing level starts with level five and six. Level seven is the highest form of the healer where (s)he could instantly heal someone of a dreaded disease like AIDs, He would be a Christ-like being or a Buddha or a Rama. You find very few seventh level people on this planet.

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