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Sanctification is what God does inside the believer. Important as it is, it is not the basis of salvation nor the foundation of the Christian's hope. Sanctification, of course, is a work of grace, but it is fed from the springs of a higher, more primary work of grace. Unless sanctification is rooted in justification and constantly returns to justification, it cannot escape the poisonous miasma of subjectivism, moralism or Pharisaism.

Human reason would tell us that what grace does in changing the heart of the sinner is the most important thing God could possibly do in the salvation process. This contention is the heart of medieval soteriology, and it must be admitted that the overwhelming preoccupation of evangelicalism today is its message of being saved by "letting Christ come into the heart," by being born again, etc. It is sheer evangelical medievalism.

The great truth of justification by faith, however, does not deal with the acts of God within the believer, but with the saving acts of God outside the believer.

There is a law called the law of gravity. But at the same time there is another law called the law of lift.

One law will pull you down, while the other law will help you up.

So many people, when they start the pursuit of a God-given dream, will allow the resistance to that dream's fulfillment to stifle it, and in so many cases to actually kill it.

But resistance is not the time to quit. Resistance is the time to dig deep with a spirit of persistence, and to tap into the opposing law - the law of lift - that will enable you to soar above all opposition.

You were born with wings, and were created to fly in the direction of your dreams and pursuits.

Don't allow rejection or failure to stop you in your tracks. Use these experiences as character building exercises. Allow them to enstrengthen you so that your wings become stronger and more pliable.

Keep your eyes on the goal. Search out a better strategy. Discover a more comprehensive plan. Maybe you need to recalibrate your sails. Possibly you need more members to be added to your team.

But whatever you do, never lose sight of your destination - for you were born to rise above the thunderous clouds into the full sunlight - all the way to victory.

This is your birthright. This is your destiny. This is your rightful place.

For you have been born for one thing - and that is to win.

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